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What is moon and back?

Those working in these high-stress environments can tend to keep the impacts to their mental health private, particularly surgeons. Not talking about these issues and letting them compound has been shown to result in a high percentage of suicides within the profession. This cannot continue.

We want to show surgeons that if you measured how much we care about them out as a distance it would reach to the moon and back. Mental health is paramount to the College and we need to talk about the importance of wellbeing to bring about action and improvement.

To help show our support for our colleagues, the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh is encouraging everyone to join us on our trip to the moon and back!

Dust off your running shoes, pump up those bike tyres and step into the sun as you run, swim, cycle or walk in support of mental health. It doesn't matter how you travel or the distance you cover, what matters is that we're all in this together.

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The life of a surgeon is as fulfilling as it is demanding. But these demands can take a toll. It isn’t just the life or death decisions surgeons have to make, but the constant stream of assessments, CPD, and time management that can all be factors in burnout.

High pressure jobs often have a cost, and they aren’t for everyone. But just because you work in a demanding field does not mean you have to sacrifice your mental wellbeing. That is not fair on those you work with and for, and most importantly, it is not fair on you.

Start the Conversation

The unfortunate truth is most people find it hard to reach out when they aren’t okay. We often don’t know what to say when we see a friend or colleague struggling. But breaking the ice and starting the conversation helps break down the walls we put up around ourselves, and it helps break down the stigma of mental health. In fields as highly competitive as surgery, no matter the discipline, we can often feel we need to be seen to soldier on. But that is rarely, if ever, the right choice.

The better choice is to start the conversation

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Think Breathe Move

Your mental health first aid kit. Read this three step guide for some tips on how to make sure you’re checking in and taking care of yourself.

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